Welcome to miguelguedes.org

Welcome to my website, miguelguedes.org, where you are invited to browse the pages to gain an insight into me, Miguel Guedes, both as a person and as the professional Freelance Software and Web Developer. You’ll be able to find out how my career in Software Engineering began and has evolved over the years, and can take a peek at some of my freelance work and recent accomplishments within the portfolio section. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to use the contact form. If you’ve stumbled upon this page, please do not hesitate to get in touch for further information about the services I can provide, or even to just discuss your requirements in more detail. For now though, why not linger a little longer and browse at your leisure!

The Person

Based in the north west of the UK, (near both Manchester and Liverpool) you could say I’ve been dedicated to all things software development-related for most of my life – at least for the last 15 years.

My mantra is all about ‘doing a job right and to the best standards’ and this extends across both my personal life and professional work.

My Portuguese origin and European charm makes for an interesting character (as I’m sure anyone who knows me can vouch for). I’m a quick learner and a focused individual who likes to make each day count and I’m never happier than when I’m crazy-busy and immersed in my software development work.

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The Professional

I’m at the top of my freelance game, as the expression goes, and will always continue to excel and hone my skills in Software Engineering craftsmanship. My passion for software development work and commitment to freelance software development is all-consuming.

The Services I provide

Service provision
  • Freelance software and web development services
  • Maintenance or enhancements of existing products
  • Development of new products or the provision of support for existing applications
  • UK-based freelance software developer
  • Quality projects developed at competitive prices
  • Customer-involvement throughout the entire software development life-cycle
  • Customer is guaranteed ownership of all the source code and documentation
  • Efficient communication

If like me, you seek the best in life, you want to secure that leading edge and you’re seeking a fast and flexible service for your company needs, then you need look no further.

So what happens next?

Flowchart illustrating the different stages from point of contact

Computer skills


  • C99/11
  • C++ 98/03/11
  • LISP
  • Bash/sh
  • Windows API
  • SDK
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes
  • Microsoft Active Template Library
  • Visual BASIC
  • Windows shell scripting
  • Windows Scripting Host
Libraries & Frameworks
  • Boost
  • GTK+2/3
  • XML
  • Xpath
  • Curl
  • libclang
  • libasound
  • libX11


  • PHP 3/4/5
  • ASP Classic
  • (x)HTML/HTML5
  • AJAX
  • Javascript/JSON
  • Dart
  • CSS/CSS3
  • Sass
Libraries & Frameworks
  • jQuery
  • Processing.js
  • Jasmine
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Google Maps
  • Twitter
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • GNU Emacs
  • GNU Coreutils
  • GNU Autotools
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • Bazaar
  • Valgrind
  • Apache Web Server
  • Doxygen
  • Libreoffice Suite
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Subversion
Operating Systems
  • Debian-based Linux
  • Microsoft Windows XP/7